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Call it exercising, training or working out, you want results from all your hard work.

Progress is personal. You may be reaching for a podium position in your specialist sport, competing to reach the top of a league. Perhaps you’re aiming to achieve a target weight, improve your health, or simply kick a ball around the garden with your grandchild. So what’s stopping you?

Specialist sports nutrition consultations and resource guides will help you navigate through personal challenges, and enable you to achieve the results you deserve. We understand how factors such as habitual behaviours and metabolic complexities can influence and hinder progress. Let us help you achieve maximum results from every exercise or training session.

Whatever results you want to achieve, nutritionally-related performance gains will help you get to where you want to be.

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Juliet has specialised in sports nutrition for over 25 years. She has supported athletes of all levels to become fitter, faster, and stronger.  She can help you achieve personal bests and even international recognition.

Juliet is motivational and knowledgeable. For 20 years she has taught sports performance nutrition to undergraduate and postgraduate university students and is currently an Associate Professor (Hon) at Nottingham University.

Most of all though, Juliet is fun and she has a wealth of strategies and practical experience to draw on to help support you achieve your goal. 

Sports Nutrition work with us

Juliet’s knowledge has provided sports nutrition expertise to athletes at international sports events

London 2012

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Juliet has worked alongside athletes, coaches, event organisers and Olympic committees.

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A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Get Your Exercise Regime Up and Running


of children are not meeting the minimum guidelines for physical activity which may impact their health


of adults have pre-diabetes, a condition related to overweight and lack of exercise


is the impact of good nutrition on physical health, mental health and sports performance

“Food sustainability is at the heart of everything we do”

Our consultations, webinars, nutrition assessments, e-books and menu plans are rich in sustainable nutrition content. Read more about our sustainability work HERE

Juliet Wilson


Consultant Dietitian

Sports Nutrition work with us

I have worked with elite athletes, recreational enthusiasts and even people who tell me they dislike sports (you know who you are!). But when I watch people begin to see and feel the results of their hard work,  a little bit of magic happens. I see their confidence, mood, and energy begin to soar. That’s the magic and why I enjoy working with people to improve their sports nutrition. 


Are you ready to start feeling good about your body?

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We are proud that our Food Sustainability resources and activities are supported by Clean Growth and The Low Carbon Across the South and East (LoCASE) programmes.

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