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Reduce Carbon Emissions

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Our aims

Reduce Food Waste

Cut Carbon Emissions

Reduce Plastic Use

Protect Biodiversity

“You are never too small to make a difference”

                                                                                    Greta Thunberg

The green evolution

You know it’s important to reduce your food-related carbon footprint, but are you finding it difficult to know where to begin? Everywhere we look there is information on the importance of lowering carbon emissions, but there is very little real and effective support to help us make the necessary changes. We know your time is precious, and so we developed inspirational and engaging resources to guide you towards a low carbon lifestyle

Soon you’ll be making meaningful, impactful changes that will lower your carbon emissions, reduce your personal carbon footprint, and help protect the future of our planet.

What’s more, according to research by WRAP, becoming more sustainable could save you approximately £500 a year!

The need for change is critical, so become part of our collective action to work towards a net-zero future.

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“It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.”

Sir David Attenborough


of global greenhouse emissions are from food production. 10% of emissions can be stopped by reducing food waste. 

million tonnes of food are wasted each year. 70% of food waste in the Uk is from households, yet 26% of children live with food insecurity


of biodiversity is lost due to agricultural land. This has devastating impacts for marine, plant and animal species, including humans.

Food Sustainability Course

Find out how to reduce your food-related carbon emissions by enrolling on our affordable online learning experience which is full of information, guidance and support to help you lower your personal carbon footprint.

  • This is a low-cost resource that enables everyone to access information on how to reduce their personal carbon footprint.
  • You are in control. You can login to this 4-hour learning experience at any time of day and night and work at your own pace.
  • You will learn about carbon emissions, global warming, and climate change and why they matter.
  • You will learn how to integrate easy, straightforward ways to adapt your food choices and behaviours to reduce carbon emissions.
  • The free downloads and additional materials will enable you to integrate changes into your daily life.

By the end of the course, you will feel proud of your commitment to slowing climate change alongside the benefits to your health and well-being. If all that’s not enough, remember that you can save approximately £500 a year by making more sustainable food choices.


Don’t just take our word for it…

Juliet has supported many corporate clients to help improve employee health and
wellbeing to ultimately increase corporate performance.

Our Food Sustainability Resources ensure that it’s easy for you to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

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Start your journey to reduce your carbon footprint

When you reduce your carbon emissions you will be helping to reduce the devastating impacts of greenhouse gases. There is no future without change.

Reduce Food Waste

Causes extreme weather conditions, redistribution of rainfall and fertile land, destroys homes, farms, livestock and loss of live.

Cut Carbon Emissions

Loss of crops, due to drought or flooding result in lower food production and loss of income. Food insecurity follows with millions of families facing food shortages and starvation.

Reduce Plastic Use

Increases in costs associated with food production due to fuel shortages, crop spoilage and even war are passed on to the consumer. 2.6 million children in the UK face food insecurity every day.

Commit to change today

Juliet has had many opportunities to soak up the nutrition sector from every angle during her work as a clinician, a university lecturer, a corporate wellbeing strategist, and an international high-performance nutritionist. Her diverse career has enabled her to gain incredible knowledge, insight and experience and she now shares the best of that with you.

We are all increasingly affected by climate change, losses in biodiversity and the economic consequences of global warming. No one is exempt. Starvation and food insecurity are rapidly growing issues in this country and around the world.

The food wasted in the UK alone could feed over 12.66 million people living in poverty.

Our resources will help you learn about climate change, and most importantly how you can help stop global warming. It’s so much easier than you think and not only are you likely to be healthier as a result, but you will have helped achieve something greater and more important than any other issue in the world today. Oh, and don’t forget that you could find yourself £500 better off each year.

We are proud that our Food Sustainability resources and activities are supported by Clean Growth and The Low Carbon Across the South and East (LoCASE) programmes.

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