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Benefits of Corporate Wellbeing

Improve employee health

Improve company culture

Reduce absenteeism costs

Improve company productivity

Do you work in an inspirational and vibrant team?

Or are you struggling to manage the knock-on effects of employee health concerns and absenteeism?

Illness, fatigue and presenteeism can lead to reduced company productivity and opportunities for growth and success.

Juliet has successfully improved employee health and well-being in companies for over 20 years. The combination of innovative corporate wellness programs, a motivational approach and robust knowledge enables Juliet to support employees so they can integrate positive change into their daily lives.

Corporate employees should be able to enjoy the benefits of improved mental and physical health. Juliet’s employee well-being programs correlate with reductions in absenteeism and presenteeism, followed by decreases in illness-associated costs. Better employee health will help ensure timely project completion dates, relief to overloaded colleagues, a boost to team culture, and ultimately improved customer satisfaction. Brilliant!

Find out how a corporate health and fitness program can help your team to flourish. Elevate your company’s success by creating a healthier, vibrant team.


You’re in good company

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Juliet has supported many corporate clients to help improve employee health and
wellbeing to ultimately increase corporate performance.

Healthy Employees Make a Successful Company

Stronger, more rapid immune response leading to a faster recovery

Improved brain function, cognition and memory

Improved mental health, reduced risk of depression and anxiety

Deeper, restful sleep. More energy and focus the next day. 

Reduced risk of chronic disease; diabetes, CVD, cancer

Weight loss, weight management and metabolic health.

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“If a Brand Doesn’t Live on the Inside, it Can’t Thrive on the Outside.”

Libby Sartain

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Why Commit To Corporate Wellbeing


of a company’s salary costs cover staff sickness

pounds  is the annual cost of employee absence in the UK


of people have a health condition which can be improved with nutrition 

My Approach

Juliet has had many opportunities to soak up the nutrition sector from every angle during her work as a clinician, a university lecturer, a corporate wellbeing strategist, and an international high-performance nutritionist. Her diverse career has enabled her to gain incredible knowledge, insight and experience and she now shares the best of that with you.


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