Sustainable nutrition solution for a healthier, more vibrant life.

Many of us would like to wake up each day feeling amazing, alongside living a carbon-neutral life to help to protect the planet. However, the reality is that many of us suffer from a nutrition-related illness (there are a great many) which can dampen our feelings and take chunks out of our energy. While most of us would like to help reverse climate change and the destruction that is happening as a result, managing what’s on our daily ‘to-do list’ already feels overwhelming.
However, there are solutions to these problems. Integrating meaningful and sustainable changes into our busy and complicated lives can be challenging, and we understand that. That’s why at JWSN, we offer unique, workable solutions to support you in making long-term changes that will benefit your health and also the health of the planet.

“Love the Body You Live In”

Our evidence-based, high calibre nutrition and behavioural solutions help prevent diet-related health conditions (or manage the symptoms of an existing diet-related health condition). Our personalised and nutritional resources can help you lead life to the full, alongside enabling you to make a meaningful contribution to combating climate change. We take the hassle away, so you can lead a more sustainable and healthy life

Look around our website and see some of the people we have already worked with including individuals, large corporations and elite athletes. Let us help you to get started and get closer to feeling amazing. As our client, you will be at the centre of our practice; your aims and goals become our own. Browse through our specialist dietetic consultations and nutritional resources on our website and see how we can support you or your company in making sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes

Data and statistics show that diet-related health problems and food-related carbon emissions continue to rise. International and UK targets aiming to lower chronic disease incidence and carbon emissions are unlikely to be achieved. Data show that nutrition and lifestyle-related illnesses (such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and malnutrition) can often be avoided with specialist dietetic care and nutritional intervention.
Jump in and start your sustainable food and nutrition journey. As soon as you get going, you’ll feel the boost of better health and the kudos of building your low-carbon legacy. Good on you!

Do you want to feel amazing and protect the planet?

Can you think of a better investment for your future than personal and planetary health?

Nutrition, Food and Our Health.

We all know that our daily food and lifestyle choices have a big impact on our health, well-being, and longevity. But, according to the World Health Organisation, approximately 74% of all deaths are from largely preventable, diet-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes (and lots more). Over the years many global and national organisations have been committed to helping people make changes to improve their health, with little positive impact so far. For example, in the UK successive governments have launched 14 anti-obesity campaigns, yet the incidence of obesity and obesity-associated illness continues to climb. Our personal choices influence our health and well-being, as well as the health of the planet. We help you to focus on your health and over time we help you to Love the body you live in a little bit more each day.

The Relationship Between Nutrition, Food and Planetary Health.

Alongside the global health crisis quietly rumbling away, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact our daily choices have on the health of the planet. But, did you know that our daily food choices and behaviours influence the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere? In fact, official statistics show that annual food production is associated with over 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions (1). Worrying a third of food produced globally is being thrown away! This means that not only are 10% of annual carbon emissions are totally unnecessary, but households are throwing hard-earned money into the trash – in the middle of a financial crisis. Ouch! In fact, estimates suggest the average family could save an average of £500 by reducing food waste (3).

The food production journey starts with the food growing in the soil and ends when it reaches our body (or the bin). Take a look at our food sustainability resources for guidance and support on how to make simple changes to your food choices and behaviours. These positive changes will help reduce your carbon emissions, help protect the planet and save money. You can also enrol on our short but inspirational Low Carbon Course today.

Establishing a Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle Can Be Challenge; We Get That.

How many times have you tried to focus on your health and wellbeing but then family or work responsibilities creep up, alongside everything else that we need to keep on top of in this busy world?
Making time for change can be difficult, but we can help. We are experienced dietitians who provide accessible treatment plans and advice to help you integrate sustainable changes to improve your health and reduce your personal carbon footprint. You are unique, and we like that about you! We want to understand your situation, challenges, and budget to ensure you receive the best care possible. The biggest decision you have to make is when to get started.

Why Us?

Well, we know a thing or two!

As a sports performance and corporate nutritionist, Juliet has worked with some fabulous people, in breath-taking sports environments and within some incredible corporations. During these experiences, she rubbed along with some awesome athletes, and a few jolly important Chief Executive Officers
and a couple of big wigs in the International Olympic Committee. During her career, Juliet gained many skills from all these truly talented people. Juliet leant ‘business strategy ‘collaborative working’ and ‘leadership’ from people she grew to deeply respect.
Alongside these experiences, Juliet has worked as a university lecturer for many years where she has delivered diverse learning materials to students. After all this time, she most definitely knows a thing or two about supporting people in their learning.
In 2021 Juliet decided to combine her nutritional knowledge, her business insights, and her educational skills together to form Juliet Wilson Sustainable Nutrition.

There is now a team of really very lovely specialist dietitians at JWSN who are committed to helping you feel amazing (we will introduce ourselves to you in a later blog). We offer consultations for corporate nutrition, sports performance nutrition, sustainability, and nutrition for health conditions; we can help you utilise food to control metabolic disorders, improve blood levels, and gut health. If you are looking for an online private dietitian or nutritionist near you, to help you get your health back in control, you’ve reached the right place! Don’t take our word for it, take a look around the website to see how we can work with you.
We offer sustainable nutrition support for individuals, or businesses, to support the health of people, but also the planet. You can find free resources on our blog, interactive courses for your own education or you can invest in personalised nutrition plans. Our aim is to help you pursue your health goals and to help the future you feel better.


Would you like to learn more about sustainable nutrition? Then start your low-carbon journey by enrolling on our Low Carbon Food Sustainability Course. We are incredibly proud to share with you that our Food Sustainability resources and activities are supported by the Clean Growth and LoCASE programmes so you can feel confident that you are helping to make a positive impact.

We hope to see you soon

Juliet, Cosette and Imogen