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Juliet Wilson



An experienced specialist in sciences

Consultant Dietitian:

An expert in several key areas of nutritional health


Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics


Pursuing positive change to protect the planet and bring better health to those that live on it



BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics
Awarded a 1st Class classification

MSc Nutritional Medicine
Graduate with merit


    • British Dietetic Association
    • Health and Care Professions Council
    • The Royal Society of Medicine.
    • Sports Dietitian UK (SENr Registered)
    • Chair of the Nutritional Medicine Alumni
    • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Juliet Wilson


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In her role as a dietitian and nutritionist Juliet has experienced of working within every sector of the nutrition arena. Juliet is an experienced clinician, university lecturer, corporate well-being strategist, and international high-performance sports nutritionist. Working within these roles has enabled her to build a foundation of knowledge, insight, and experience which she comfortably shares with her corporate and individual clients.

Juliet’s career began when she graduated with a 1st class degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Surrey (and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital) followed by an MSc (Distinction) in Nutritional Medicine.

Full Biography (you may need a cup of tea)

1. Working as a Consultant in Nutritional Medicine (clinical work)

Over what feels like decades (because is decades !), Juliet has gained enormous experience in clinical practice from within the NHS and private healthcare. Research in nutrition science continues to accelerate awareness of the relationship between nutritional status and physical and mental health. The combination of her clinical and academic roles enables her to continuously build her knowledge base and develop expertise in several specialist areas of nutritional medicine.

Specialist areas include:

Neurology and cognition

Nutritional medicine and lifestyle adaptations to help protect and enhance brain function. The importance of nutrition to our cognitive function is unequivocal and our daily diet can influence many areas of cognition including memory, attention, judgement, and other vital functions. Expert nutritional medicine can protect against cognitive decline in aging.


Probably the most important area of our work in nutrition. It’s so important that we reduce our food-related carbon footprint. Juliet and her team provide information that enables people to make meaningful. Impactful changes that will lower carbon emissions, reduce personal carbon footprint, and help protect the future of the planet. We help combat global warming and reduce climate change.


Immune resillience & adapting to living in high viral load e.g Long-covid & influenza

Anti-inflammatory immune adaptation to combat conditions including:
a) Skin Conditions: psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea.
b) Gastrointestinal conditions: IBD and Chron’s Disease


Modern living impacts the messaging systems within our body, often causing disruption to our natural rhythms. As a result the systems that rely on our hormones to functions properly also become disrupted. Careful nutritional adaptation can help restore those natural rhythms to improve.

    • Fertility
    • Menopause
    • Diabetes
    • Metabolic health
    • Cardiovascular disease


Sleep is the foundation to very aspects of health. Find out how to build a longer, better quality sleep to come back into your life so you can enjoy a fulfilled day.

a) Sleep Duration
b) Sleep Quality

Juliet works closely with her patient, aiming to give them the best personal advice available to help meet their needs and achieve their goals. Her patients often feel better than they have done in many years, or they finally give birth to a long-awaited baby, or reach that long-awaited goal……

She receives heart-warming feedback from many of her patients which means the world to her.

2. Working in Corporate Health and Well-being.

As Juliet’s reputation in sports performance nutrition grew, senior executives at several corporations approach her to express an interest in corporate performance nutrition and how her work could benefit their employee health and performance. Juliet worked with various CEOs, executive and senior management teams to design and integrate strategies to help create a healthier company culture. The results from these nutrition and lifestyle interventions were profound. Company employees ate better, slept better, and laughed more. As employees began to thrive, so did the company. These companies soon realised that a small financial investment, alongside some carefully integrated nutritional and lifestyle interventions, produced significant health, well-being, and performance gains. Companies I have worked with, and who value their employees’ health and well-being, include Royal Dutch Shell, ITV, British Telecom, TXM Heath, TXM Plant and Group M and others

3. As a Sports Performance Nutritionist

Juliet specialised in sports performance nutrition for many years, working with recreational, national, and international athletes to achieve personal gains in performance. Juliet has worked within many sports including rugby, rowing, badminton, speed skating, dingy sailing and all sorts of extreme sports and challenges. She has also worked as a Lead Nutritionist, taking responsibility for nutritional elements at several international sports events. Examples include, the London Olympics 2012 (area lead), the European Games 2015 and the Islamic Games 2017. Juliet continues to advice international sports committees to ensure the professional, safe, and sustainable delivery of major sports events. She also works with recreational and professional athletes to maximise performance and health.

4. As a University Lecturer.

Alongside her clinical work, Juliet maintains an academic position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham, where she lectures in Nutrition and Dietetics. Juliet loves her role as a lecturer because ‘every day is a learning day’, and she feels privileged to be at the forefront of nutritional sciences as it evolves.

Juliet has delivered nutritional medicine and dietetic lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students from diverse backgrounds, such as GPs, hospital consultants and allied healthcare professionals. Juliet embraces her role as a lecturer, ensuring she delivers the most up-to-date content with clarity and precision.

Juliet has delivered specialist lectures on a diverse range of topic areas including:

    • Fertility and pre-conception.
    • Irritable bowel syndrome
    • Metabolic disorders: PCOS, Diabetes and Weight Management. Menopause.
    • Sports and Performance Nutrition

Professional Skills: leadership, resilience, and self-efficacy.

5. Memberships and Associations

Juliet is Chair of the prestigious Nutritional Medicine Alumni, a group of extensively qualified and inspiring medical professionals who seek to increase public awareness of nutritional medicine.

In addition, she is as well as an active member of the British Dietetic Association, the Health Care Professions Council, Sports Dietitians UK and The BDA Fertility Specialist Group.

6. Academic and Corporate Awards

Juliet is proud to have been intrinsically involved in the following prestigious corporate and academic awards:

    • GIG: The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2017.
    • GIG: The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Performance 2014.
    • University of Surrey: The Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, the highest accolade for any academic institution, in recognition of its excellence in the field of food and nutrition.
7. Away from work

When Juliet isn’t working, she is mostly outdoors somewhere, usually with a dog or two or a paddleboard. Her family, friends and dogs are incredibly important to her so there’s usually on or two of them out and about with her. In the warmer months she heads off for several weeks at a time in her campervan and spends her time living a life that’s as uncomplicated as she can make it. Juliet works as a digital nomad during these weeks away. She loves these times the most, when her head is clear and her mind flourishes, so many exciting ideas.

Juliet is very happy to discuss any ideas you may have for how she may be able to help you or your company achieve their health goals.