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How to Sleep Better

Ideas and Activities to Help You Sleep

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Tryptophan rich snacks
Do you feel like you need an evening snack while you are curled up on the sofa? Instead of reaching for a high sugar snack, or a glass of wine with cheesy bits, try one of these tryptophan rich snacks and lite bites to help you enjoy a lovely night sleep.
Try One now
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Plan Your Sleep Routine
Sleep is the foundation to our health and well-being.You will sleep best when you follow a daily sleep routine. Download the 'Sleep Routine' template and start planning your sleep routine today for a better nights sleep.
Sleep Routine
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How Well do You Sleep?
Have you ever wondered how well you sleep? Complete the 2 minute sleep quiz to find out your score. The suggestions and tips will help you start to make changes so that you can begin to have have a better night sleep.
Sleep Quiz
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