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How To Sleep Better

Historically, ‘sleep’ was assumed to be a time when the  body is inactive. However, it’s now understood that what happens while we sleep is the complete opposite of inactive. Sleep is a very important time for recovery, and without sleep we couldn’t function.

Just like breathing, sleep is a necessity. Our body carries out many essential activities while we sleep: our muscles relax, heart rate & breathing are at their slowest, tissues repair, and there is growth and cell regeneration. In addition the immune system is restored and strengthened and hormones, the body’s complex communication system, are regulated. In turn, this controls our  appetite, growth, metabolism, muscle development

Whilst we sleep, our brain is busy too,  strengthening and reorganising memories, as well as processing emotional details to  help us be creative. 

On top of all of that, sleep also impacts our mood, and our  relationships.    

It hopefully won’t now surprise you to know that the quality and quantity of our sleep impacts every physiological function in the body.  The evidence is incredibly complex and includes knotty interactions between hormonal, neurological and immunological systems. Whilst we don’t need to understand the tricky bits, we do need to know that sleep is at the very route of our health. Find out how you can improve your sleep. 

Improve Your Sleep







People Who Report Regularly Sleeping Poorly 65%

Activities to Help You Sleep

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Tryptophan Rich Snacks
Do you feel like an evening snack while you are curled up on the sofa? Instead of reaching for a high sugar snack, or a glass of wine with cheesy bits, try one of these tryptophan rich snacks and lite bites to help you enjoy a lovely night sleep.
Try One now
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Plan Your Sleep Routine
Sleep is the foundation to our health and well-being.You will sleep best when you follow a daily sleep routine. Download the 'Sleep Routine' template and start planning your sleep routine today for a better nights sleep.
Sleep Routine
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How Well do You Sleep?
Have you ever wondered how well you sleep? Complete the 2 minute sleep quiz to find out your score. The suggestions and tips will help you start to make changes so that you can begin to have have a better night sleep.
Sleep Quiz
How to Sleep Better - Juliet Wilson Nutrition
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