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Sleep Webinar

Learn How to get a better nights sleep

this 45-minute which is packed full of information on how to achieve a long, deep and restful sleeP

This webinar wims to provide an overview of why we need to sleep and what we can do to improve our sleep. 

The webinar flows from one section into the next. It naturally leads towards making changes that will help support a good nights sleep. 

On addition there are further sources of information and a sleep routine template to ensure that making change is as easy for you as it possibly could be.

You can also try the SLEEP QUIZ to see how well you sleep 

WHO would benefit from this WEBINAR?

Corporate Health and Wellness

This webinar is great for corporate viewing. It is just 45 minutes long, plus Q&A, making it just right for lunchtime viewing. To discuss prices and availability please contact me.

Anyone With Trouble Sleeping

Almost everyone would benefit from watching this overview on sleep. However, if you have significant insomnia you may like to consider Sleep Part 1 and Part 2 which offer greater detail and support
Webinar Content
Part 1 : Why is Sleep Important to Us?
  • Sleep: Why do we need it?
  • How much sleep do we need?
  • How much sleep are we actually getting?
  • Does it matter if we don’t get enough sleep?
Part 2: Strategies to Improve Your Sleep
  1. Food and Sleep 
  2. Stimulants and Sleep 
  3. Blue Light and Sleep 
  4. Planning Your New Sleep Routine
The webinar was amazing, it was pitched just right with a perfect mix of detail and supporting information. We received a huge amount of positive feedback from this talk.
BT Health
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Sleep Webinar - Juliet Wilson Nutrition

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