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Treatment for Psoriasis

Start your treatment for psoriasis

In support of the many people who suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of  psoriasis, Juliet Wilson Nutrition is launching a new Psoriasis Treatment Plan to help support people treat this chronic condition. 

Welcome to this Psoriasis Homepage. Here you will find information and guidance to support you on your psoriasis treatment journey

In 2014, The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised psoriasis as a serious disease. In recognition of this, WHO published a report, ‘The Global Report on Psoriasis. This report emphasised the need for a better understanding of the disease and the burden of suffering it causes the people who have the condition. And so the purpose of these specialist pages is to help increase the understanding of psoriasis, alongside information on nutrition, lifestyle and behaviour adaptations to help improve symptoms. 

The symptoms of skin diseases, such as psoriasis, are challenging to manage and can negatively affect quality of life. There are limited reliable resources for people to obtain guidance on psoriasis treatments, which has resulted in approximately 84% of people turning to self-care options to treat their symptoms. Consequently, the most beneficial treatment for an individual’s specific needs is frequently not selected. The result is often considerable disappointment, unnecessary financial expenses and other avoidable outcomes. Also, what works for one person may not necessarily be the right choice for another, which is at best frustrating and confusing.


The Psoriasis Treatment PLan

‘The Psoriasis Self-Care Treatment Plan’, which is continuously developing, aims to give support and guidance to the people that have psoriasis, as well as their carers and loved ones. The information is also available to healthcare professionals to refer their patients to as a trusted source of information [please read]

The Plan will provide support and guide you through nutritional and lifestyle psoriasis self-treatment options. There are also loads of ideas and practical tips to help you integrate positive changes into your busy life.

As you journey from Stage 1 to Stage 4, there are various options available to you. These are available as ‘Free Content’ such as blogs and articles, and also a low-cost* 4-hour online ‘ treatment journey’ that will enable you to personalise your self-care treatment.

* I aim to make an active contribution to reducing health inequalities. With this in mind, the 4-hour online journey is available to purchase for just £25, rather than the standard cost of £400. I am keen to point out that the low cost of the online treatment plan does reflect the true value of the exceptional content. In keeping with the values of my practice, the 4-hour Psoriasis Journey delivers premium healthcare at a cost that ensures it is accessible to everyone.

I hope that the content of the psoriasis treatment plan helps to improve your symptoms of psoriasis. Enjoy your journey!


Start Your Journey

Stage 1 Welcome to Your Psoriasis Treatment
Your Psoriasis Treatment Journey
Start your psoriasis treatment journey here

Your psoriasis treatment starts here.  Have a read of the blogs and articles and find out how nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors can help to relieve your symptoms. You can enrol on the Psoriasis Treatment Plan which will support you in making changes that will help improve your symptoms. There are also downloads for ongoing support as well as additional treatment options for those that would like more information and support.

Step 2 Blogs and Articles to Inspire You
Blogs and Articles to Inspire and Support You
Blog and articles to support your psoriasis treatment






 1. What is Psoriasis?

 2. The Prevalence of Psoriasis 

 More articles throughout October

Step 3 Commit to Your Psoriasis Journey Course
The 4 hour Psoriasis Treatment Plan
Short courses available to support your transition to health

The Psoriasis Journey is a self-care program that provides you with inspiration, information, practical tips and know-how to help you make key changes that will help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.  JOIN THE  COURSE HERE (available 31/10/2021)

Step 4 Commit to the Psoriasis Journey Course
Download the Course Summary Guides
Download documents to help your ongoing psoriasis self-care

Download the Psoriasis Self-Care information leaflets, recipes, articles and other information to support you in future 

Addtitional Options s
Looking for something more?

More support and information



 1.  14-day menu plan

2. Personalised menu plan

 3.  One-to-one consultation

Join up for updates on new posts and content to support you in your treatment journey.
Blog and articles to support your psoriasis treatment

Please be aware that the information on this website is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified health professional who, amongst other things, knows you, your circumstances and your medical history.  The information on these pages aims to provide evidence-based guidance to support you in seeking self-care treatment for your condition. As a health professional myself, I aim to work alongside all other health professionals to support you in your journey to improve your health. You may wish to share the information on this site with your dermatologist or GP for a second perspective or opinion.

Psoriasis Treatment - Juliet Wilson Nutrition
Psoriasis is a distressing skin disorder that can be treated by Juliet Wilson Nutrition psoriasis treatment plan
the Psoriasis Treatment plan
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