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Personalised Nutrition


Did you know that nutrition, mostly inadequate nutrition, is associated with every known disease? It’s not surprising then that nutrition is also a key in disease prevention and treatment.  As a University Teaching Fellow in Nutritional Sciences I am able to keep up to date with science updates in nutrition. Not to mention the amazing people I work with, who are all working day after day to improve our understanding of nutritional science. In my private practice, I use all that wonderful knowledge to give you the best one to one Personalised Nutrition Advice that I possibly  can. So, I keep on learning everyday which means that I am able to fully support you in your journey to improve your health 

Over a number of years I have gained extensive clinical experience and knowledge of nutrition in practice. This, coupled with a deep and detailed understanding of the physiological processes behind an illness or disease, enables me to help you in the best and most appropriate way possible. 

My nutritional practice is based on 3 simple things: science, knowledge and compassion. I will do my very best to help you make the changes that will enable you to be a healthier version of yourself.

Specialist Areas for Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition supports all aspects of health and performance
Nutrition for Health & Sports Performance
Nutrition for IBS, IBD, and Microbiotica
Enhanced Immunity and long covid
Nutrition for Sleep, Mood and Energy
sleep tryptophan melatonin
Nutrition for Metabolic Health & Weight Loss
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Fertility and Preconception

A typical Nutrition consultation

Your first Personal Nutrition Consultation will last for 1 hour. During this time we will discuss the background of any health issues and any health-related concerns you may have. Consultations focus on a holistic approach, as well as current behaviours and practices. At the end of the consultation we make a plan together, based on your personal preferences and lifestyle. 





I work with you, your family and the environment

Katie Jarvis

Personal Nutrition Consultation

Your Change Starts Here
£ 120
  • A 60 minute consultation
  • Individual Tailored Advice
  • Trusted Medical Nutriton

Follow-Up Appointment

Keep on Keeping on
£ 60
  • Integrate more Change
  • Shaping Your Health
  • Building Your Chnage

Additional Personal Services for all Budgets

Personalised Nutrition - Juliet Wilson Nutrition

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