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Corporate Health and Wellbeing

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Corporate wellness is at the heart of every company’s success. Juliet has a unique blend of  experience and knowledge that enables her to understand a company’s culture and practices. Using this awareness Juliet is able to integrate key changes to improve employee health and wellbeing.Having worked with national and international competing athletes,  Juliet has unmatched experience and insight into how physical and mental health support performance. And, whilst the majority of employees probably don’t sprint at a record breaking pace to the office, the translation of the scientific evidence into practice, and the importance of strategies to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, are the same.

Nutrition in the Workplace

Nutrition and lifestyle influence every aspect of physical and mental health. Positive nutritional and behavioural changes enable us to improve individual performance, and get more out of life. Improved Performance can benefit each of us on many levels; personal happiness, energy levels, reduced risk of disease, better sleep, improved career focus and more opportunities for success. Unsurprisingly, ‘performance’ reaches into every aspects of our lives.

The health and wellbeing of the individuals working within a company, are the key to that company’s success. Juliet’s specialist advice to improve corporate health and wellbeing, and individual performance, provides one of the most tangible methods available to increase a company’s productivity and success.

Nutrition supports corporate growth

Evidence clearly outlines the enormourmity of the  economic burden associated with common health ailments such as; obesity, the common cold, diabetes, hypertension and depression. These costs impact each individual company, the national health service and also the  global economy. However, the majority of illnesses and disease are modifiable with targeted nutritional interventions. 

Health challenges, such as a cold, IBS and poor sleep, frequently result in absenteeism and/or presenteeism. However, both incidence and severity of illness can often be significantly reduced and companies can expect a 300 – 600% return from an investment in a nutritional and lifestyle employee health and wellbeing program. 

sleep tryptophan melatonin
How to Sleep Better

This 45 minute sleep webinar outlines how important sleep is for our daily performance and long-term health. Many of us need more sleep, and this webinar offers nutritional and practical information how to get a better nights sleep read more 

Sleep Better Part 1 & 2

These 2 complementary 45 min sleep webinars include all the content from “How to Sleep Better’ as well as additional key information on other factors that influence sleep including; exercise, stress, the sleep environment and the importance of a sleep routine  

Website Articles & Updates

Website content can be a very effective and cost effective option for getting specialist information and advice to large numbers of staff Employees can engage with website content at a time that is best for them meaning that there is greater likelihood of engagement and change. 

The nutrition content on your company website can grow at a pace to suit you. News and health articles, health care updates, monthly newsletters and short courses are available as company website content 

Personal Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition is a known influence of virtually every known disease.  Unsurprising then, nutrition is also key in disease prevention and treatment. 

As a University Teaching Fellow in Nutritional Sciences I am able to keep up to date with the most current knowledge in nutrition. Not to mention the amazing people I work with, who are all working day after day to improve our understanding of nutritional science. In my consultations, I am able to use all that wonderful knowledge to give you the best one to one Personalised Nutrition Advice that I possibly  can. My nutrition practice is based on 3 simple things: science, knowledge and compassion. I will do my very best to help you make the changes that will enable you to be a healthier version of yourself.

There are many conditions that can be effectively treated with nutritional and lifestyle interventions the examples below are just some of the illness that typically respond well to nutritional intervention. 

Nutrition supports all aspects of health and performance
Health & Sports Performance
IBS, IBD, and Microbiotica
Immunity, anti-inflammatory and long covid support

Bespoke Projects and Solutions

Every company is different; not just as a large or small corporation, but in culture, character and skills. Nutritional and lifestyle support can be successfully integrated into a company in many different ways, depending very much on each companies needs. 

Bespoke projects that I have managed or contributed to include the supervision and management of all nutritionally related aspects of international sports events as the Lead Nutritionist, health focus for shift workers, catering facilities and delivery reviews and updates, air travel, executive management support, food safety, educational programmes. 

Testimonials and Feedback


TXM Recruit: Juliet brought with her a wealth of nutritional knowledge and a contagious zest for life.  Not only did she make changes that benefited our health, but the company health  benefited too. Laurence Sewerd, CEO 

Eat to the Beat: In addition to being great fun to work with, Juliet was  professional and reliable in every detail. Ben Hill, Operations Manager 


Royal Dutch Shell: Juliet has a very extensive knowledge base She lead projects to successfully integrate nutritional programmes into several key areas of Shell Leisbeth Verheugd, Shell Oil.  

Health Management Ltd: Juliet delivered successful nutrition and health advice, webinars and workshops to our key clients. Feedback was always exceptional. Catherine Rowlinson, Senior Account Manager


McDermott, Will & Emery: Juliet’s consultation days are always oversubscribed. Members of staff are hugely impressed with the advice they receive and feel able and motivated to make the necessary changes to improve their health. Katherine Greenway Senior HR Advisor

BT: Juliets lunchtime webinar was superb! Jo Jenkins

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