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Plan your Sleep Routine and feel the difference

Sleep is the foundation to our physical and mental health. While our conscious mind is quiet our brain is busy strengthening our immunity, replacing aging cells, and filing our daily memories. No wonder we feel a  bit rubbish during a period of poor sleep 

Links to sleep and health are plentiful and robust: sleep protects our health in many ways and lack of it is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes and obesity……

In the UK, about two thirds of us report that we don’t feel we have a good nights sleep.  With so many of us suffering from too little sleep, it is likely that statistics for disease and obesity in the UK may well be, in part, due to our lack of sleep

Use A Sleep Routine Template to Plan your sleep

Completing a sleep template to plan your routine will help you stay on track with any changes you need to make. 

The template below shows an example of how to plan your day/evening and some straightforward changes that you can make to help improve your sleep. You can change the times and actions to suit your own needs, and soon you will begin to feel the benefits of a good night sleep…..

Download the template and create your own Sleep Routine

Plan Your Sleep Routine - Juliet Wilson Nutrition
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