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Personalised Nutrition

Did you know that nutrition and lifestyle factors influences are associated with every known disease? It’s not surprising then that nutrition and lifestyle factors are essential to preventing and treating disease. 

As a University Teaching Fellow in Nutritional Sciences, I keep learning every day to ensure I remain up to date with scientific updates in nutritional medicine. And then there are the amazing people I work with, who carry out research to improve our understanding of nutritional sciences. In my private practice, I use all that wonderful knowledge to give you the best Personalised Nutrition Advice I can to support you in your journey to improve your health.

I have extensive clinical experience and knowledge of nutrition in practice. This has helped me to develop skills to help highlight the key issues to tackle and how best to support you in integrating new behaviours and habits into your life. My aim is advise on the most beneficial treatments to enable you to achieve the maximum benefit from nutritional and lifestyle changes possible. 

I will do my very best to help you make the change that will support you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself

The Principles of My Practice

Evidence-based Science

Extensive Skills & Knowledge

Empathy & Compassion

Specialist Areas for Nutrition Consultations

Personalised nutrition consultations are available for a number of medical issues. The section below indicates some examples of the areas that consultations cover. Please do not hesitate to enquire about treatment for other conditions.

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Nutrition for Health and Sports Performance
Nutritional Support for IBS, IBD and Microbiota Health
Immunity, anti-inflammatory and long covid support
Nutritional Advice to Support Sleep, Mood and Energy
Antioxidants for psoriasis treatment
Nutrition for Metabolic Health & Weight Reduction
Advice and Support for for Fertility and Preconception

About Your Consultation

Nutrition and lifestyle consultations are are highly individualised and so the content and focus of each consultation various enormously. The illustration below outlines the process that we follow in a typical consultation. However, if your needs do not fit into this classical approach, we will always prioritise your needs and restructure our time together to best meet your needs. 

Step 1
Getting to Know You

During the first part of your consultation, we discuss your motivation for having a consultations, including your goals and concerns.

Step 2
About You

During the the next step we talk a bit about you to help build a picture of any your personal circumstances and any risk factors that may risk factors that we can focus on to help mange your condition. 

Step 3
Diet and Lifestyle Factors

In this section we have a look at your eating patterns, the quality of your nutrition and lifestyle factors, such as exercise. These factors can often significantly influence the severity of a condition so this section is usually the major part of a consultation. 

Step 4
Your Bespoke Plan

Using the information from the previous stages, we work together to build a personal, bespoke, treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. 

Premium Consultation Optional
Extended Time and Specialist Requirements.

All consultations are tailored to a patient's individual requirements and needs. As such, a one-hour appointment is often enough time for an initial appointment. However some patients have more complex needs, or many questions, or simply want o take their time to cover everything. If this sounds like you then an extended 90 minute consultation may be a better option for you. The time passes very quickly!  

Other bespoke options are available on request

I work with you, your family and the environment

Extended Consultation

Your Change Starts Here
£ 150
  • A 90 minute consultation
  • Personalised Advice
  • Trusted Medical Nutritionist
  • *Ideal for patients with complex requirements
  • * Great for people who would like a little more support and plenty of time for question

Your First Consultation

Your Change Starts Here
£ 120
  • A 60 minute consultation
  • Personalised Advice
  • Trusted Medical Nutritionist

Follow-up Consultation

Keep on Keeping On!
£ 50
  • A 30 minute consultation
  • Personalised Advice
  • Trusted Medical Nutritionist


Juliet brought with her a wealth of nutritional knowledge and a contagious zest for life.  Not only did she make changes that benefited our health, but the company health  benefited too.

Testimonial from Laurence Sewerd
Laurence Seward

The support that Juliet gave me wasn’t just about food and nutrition. Her knowledge and advice helped me to tackle some terrible conditions, and make it home safely. Juliet is trustworthy, reliable and professional. She was a fantastic member of the shore team that supported me throughout every challenge I faced.

Dame Ellen MacArthur

I am so grateful for Juliet’s specialist help. We had been hoping to conceive for some time and so I approached Juliet for advice. After my first consultation with Juliet, I felt more confident than ever before and I am overjoyed to now be 7 months pregnant! I hope one day Juliet will write a book and share her immense knowledge with many more people.

testimonial for Juliet from GP kate
Dr Kate ...



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