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The Psoriasis Treatment Plan

Welcome to Part 2 of Your Self-Care Treatment

The aim of the plan is to empower and guide you through the self-treatment options available so that you can choose those that are beneficial to you.  This is the second of six sections to support you through your treatment journey. 

Relax and enjoy! 

Your Psoriasis Treatment Plan Progress

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Part 2: About You.

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PART 2: ABOUT YOU (60 mins)

This ‘About You’ section of the program helps you to gently gather information about yourself. This will help to highlight key areas for us to work on together to improve your symptoms of psoriasis.

This section will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete, but remember to take your time.

Step 1: My Genes.

My genes and psoriasis risk

Your genes play a key role in the likelihood that you will have psoriasis, and also how severe that psoriasis might be. We can’t change our genetic blueprint, but it can help us understand how susceptible we are to certain disorders.

To help gauge how likely your psoriasis is linked to your genetic background download and complete the brief document below

Step 2: My Symptoms

Male front body outline
Female body outline

Whenever we start a new project or health plan, it’s important to measure changes and track your success along the way. In fact, measuring progress is really key after all, its important to see the benefits of the efforts we make and the value of the changes we have made. 

It is also important for you to take a few moments to assess your symptoms, and to note where they are and their severity. Life has a habit of chugging along, and sometimes it’s really beneficial to take a few moments to think about how your symptoms have changed over time.

Download the body outline that you identify most with and follow the instructions on how to illustrate your symptoms.

Step 3: My Lovely Body

Several aspects of our health and fitness influence our health, and this includes the symptoms of psoriasis. 

This section will help to highlight aspects of our body weight and body shape, that are likely to impact the severity of psoriasis symptoms.  This information will help us to focus on the best personalised behavioural, lifestyle and nutritional changes for you to focus on.  Download the ‘My Lovely Body’ document below to highlight your areas for change. 

Step 4: My Stress Levels

Stress has a significant influence on our health and is likely to influence the severity of psoriasis symptoms. 

The information attached, including a short questionnaire, will help outline how stress can impact our health. The questionnaire will highlight how much pressure there is in your life at the moment and whether or not stress could be a trigger for psoriasis for you. 

Step 5 My Quality of Life

How are you? 

psoriasis treatment plan

Brilliant, so now you’ve completed Steps 1-4 of the ‘About You’ section lets summarise the information you have and the highlight the most important things  to focus on. Download and complete this last form to summarise the section. 

Congratulations you have completed the 'About Me' Section

   PART 1: Introduction 

PART 3: Lifestyle      

Please be aware that the information on this website is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified health professional who, amongst other things, knows you, your circumstances and your medical history.  The information on these pages aims to provide evidence-based guidance to support you in seeking self-care treatment for your condition. As a health professional myself, I aim to work alongside all other health professionals to support you in your journey to improve your health. You may wish to share the information on this site with your dermatologist or GP for a second perspective or opinion.

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