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How to sleep better

We feel rubbish after a poor night’s sleep, the day is long and your mind is frazzled. If it’s a one off night then that’s not difficult to manage once in a while. But, for a whopping 65% of us it’s more than once in a while, and for about 35% of us insomnia is a very serious issue.

A poor night’s sleep is associated with a host of unwanted long-term effects such as weight gain, depression and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Not to mention how people rush to get away when you walk towards them because you are just a little grumpy! Are there any benefits to missing out on your sleep? Ummm NO!

So, most of us want to get a better night’s sleep because we know that after a long, deep floaty sleep we feel like we can conquer the world – it’s a fabulous feeling! Just imagine feeling like that, EVERY DAY!

Why do so many of us not do something about this debilitating lack of sleep? I am guessing that most people are just too tired to work out where to start. And that’s where I can help, just tune in to my posts, articles and webinars over the coming weeks and months, and we can sort this out together.

Here’s how to get started.

For more sleep information, keep an eye out for my regular posts on sleep. Also take a look at the two sleep webinars available, just sit back and watch them in your own time … And if you would like personalised help to integrate changes to help you sleep, book a one-2-one consultation. We can then work through how to get things back on track for you.

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How to sleep better - Juliet Wilson Nutrition

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