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Courses to Improve Your Health

These short courses are compact, straightforward and have to potential to positively life-changing. 

Short courses provide a fantastic opportunity for you to access several hours of trusted, reliable content and tools at an affordable cost. These courses reflect my passion and pledge to close the inequality in healthcare gap. This will then help to ensure that affordable, trusted and reliable nutrition and health advice is accessible to everyone.


FInd the right course for You in 3 easy steps

Choose Your Course

Short courses are a great way of ensuring that everyone can access expert nutrition and health advice. More courses are coming all the time, choose which one is right for you from the selection below.

Select Your Delivery

There are 3 different ways that you can access the course: 1. As an individual- one-2-one delivery 2. Small group delivery (between 6 - 10) people. 3. Corporate delivery: 10 -50 people at any on time.

Book Your Course

Click through to the store, make your easy payment. I will be in touch very soon to book your dates. Courses run over 3 weeks where relevant and usually start within a week or two after purchase*. Courses purchased as a gift can booked at a later date.

1. Choosing & Booking Your Course


Sleep is at the core of our health. Good sleep leads to more healthy, energetic life
Short Courses


Nutrition can improve health and protect you against Covid-19 and other illnesses


Nutrition is one of the most powerful tools for optimising fertility and conception

2. Choose The Best Delivery for You

Personal Delivery


A fantastic option that ensures you access to private consultation to enable us to plan and integrate a tailored nutritional plan into your daily life. 


Small Group Delivery 

Friends, colleagues and small workplace opportunities to share information, learning and cost. 

These sessions are informal, fun and interactive. 

Corporate Delivery

By using Podcasts, tools and activities the course is accessible to up to 50 people at anyone time.  

These sessions are informal, but structured. The is less emphasis on sharing and more emphasis on efficiency 

3. Book Your Course

Courses to Improve Your Health - Juliet Wilson Nutrition
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