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“Your health, reducing health inequality, and ensuring that you receive the most reliable advice are at the very heart of my work”

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Juliet Wilson Profile Picture

In her early career Juliet worked as a dietitian at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital. She then returned to studying and completed the internationally recognised MSc. in Nutritional Medicine at Surrey University, where she now teaches on that very same course.

Juliet has enjoyed a diverse career during which she has lead nutrition teams associated with major international sports events and integrated extensive nutritional programmes into a large number of corporations including Royal Dutch Shell and British Telecom.

In her clinical practice, Juliet has supported and treated many patients, and today she treats each of her clients with the same enthusiasm and care as she did her first. Juliet has specialised knowledge in fertility, sleep and inflammatory disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes; this knowledge underpins her current focus in supporting individuals through Covid-19.

Since 2015 Juliet has shared her knowledge and experiences with both undergraduate and post-graduate students in her role as a Teaching Fellow in Nutritional Sciences.

Currently working with you on….

Nutrition and lifestyle factors in Covid-19

Covid-19 at home: help and support

Long-Covid: supporting your recovery

Sleep: how to get more

Pre-Conception and Fertility Nutrition