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Learn How to Sleep Better
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Started on July 26, 2021ONLINE4 hours

Learn how to sleep better-

Sleep is so important to us, because it underpins our health, our mood and how we interact with others. Did you know that how confident we feel, how sociable we want to be and how often we laugh are are all interlinked with how much sleep we have. In in other words, we probably get more out of life when we sleep well. 

Poor sleep is associated with an increased risk of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. It is worrying then that approximately 65% of us don’t feel we sleep well. A further 35% of us suffer from insomnia, a sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. 

The ‘Learn How to Sleep Better’ course will empower and support you in taking control over your sleep. Together, we can work towards helping you to get a good night’s sleep. And, more importantly, you will regain some of that lost energy and zest for life. 

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In keeping with my passion to help ensure the very best nutritional and lifestyle advice is available to everyone, this course is available a  very reasonable cost, In fact, if I say so myself, it is fantastically good value.’Learn


A bit more info

Key content is available on video, which not only enables you to absorb the information in your own time, but also provides a very economic method of transferring some of the essential  information to you.  In addition to the videos, we have three one-to-one consultations together. These consultations provide tailored personal advice that is unique to you and will enable us to integrate key changes into your life. This ensures that any changes you make, are the best choices for you. And finally try the sleep quiz, create a sleep routine template and try the other key resources that will support your journey towards a good night’s sleep. 

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Course Outline

During this first one to one consultation we will explore the issues and challenges that stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. Together we build an outline of your personal obstacles so that we can achieve a successful strategy to help you sleep 

There are several aspects to a good night’s sleep. How quickly do you fall asleep, how many times do you wake in the night and what time do you wake up? 

These factors all contribute to a good night’s sleep but different factors influence each sleep component. Take to quiz to find out where your primary problem areas are.

This video outlines the importance of sleep and why we need to sleep for between 7 – 9 hours a night. A lack of sleep can impact our immunity, and also increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression and cancer. 

Nutrition is key in supporting your sleep, the video outlines which foods can help to support a good night’s sleep and those foods that are best avoided. 

During this second one to one consultation we will start you personal plan how to improve your sleep, based around the challenges discovered in your first consultation, your responses in the sleep quiz, and also the knowledge you have gained from watching the ‘Sleep: the foundation of our health part 1’ video. 

This video outlines a number of other factors that can influence how well we sleep. After gaining an understanding of the things that impact our sleep, there are many suggestions to help to start to make changes that will help support you in getting a good night’s sleep. 


The final one to one consultation brings everything together. Finally we work together to integrate lifestyle changes into your daily routine to help support your sleep.

Over the three week period of this SLEEP  course we will have three 30 minute online consultations together, you will have watched two interesting and informative videos (each 30 minutes), and  completed a Sleep Quiz as well as  establishing a daily  Sleep Routine 


Course Benefits

Course Costs and Conditions

This sleep course is an investment in health,  for today also for the future. Individually the components of the course would cost £450.00, however as part of this 3-week course* they are priced at £150.00.

The course includes:

  • A webinar on Sleep Part 1
  • A webinar on Sleep Part 2 
  • Three x 30 minute Personal One-to-One Consultations 
  • Supporting documents; sleep quiz, sleep routine, webinar notes etc

* Once the course has been purchased I will contact you so that we can book all of the sessions. Once the course has started, all sessions need to be completed within 3 weeks.

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