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COVID-19: Nutrition and lifestyle factors

Started on July 26, 2021Runs over 3 weeks

Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice to Help Protect and Support You during the Pandemic

This series of two webinars and three consultations explores nutritional and lifestyles factors that influence our health, immunity and fitness and how they can influence our experience of Covid-19 infection.

The content of this course will help you to build a strong, healthy immune system, reduce inflammation & other risk factors


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course outline

Consultation 1:

30 Minute Consultation. This is the beginning of our three week journey, when we get to know one another and build an picture of your priorities for change. During this first personal consultation we gather information on your current nutritional intake, your lifestyle and medical history. 

Webinar 1:

40 Minute Webinar. During this webinar you enable you to gain a really good understanding of how both nutrition and lifestyle factors can boost your immunity and health to help your body to protect you against viruses and disease. It contains advice, recipes, advice and humour!

Consultation 2:

30 Minute Consultation. During our second meeting we will look at the key nutritional and lifestyle changes that could be made to help improve your immunity, health and wellbeing. Together, we plan to integrate these changes into your daily life to support you in your journey. 

Webinar 2:

40 Minute Webinar.  In this second webinar you will learn about some important things that you can do if you catch the covid virus. Amongst many other things, there is advice on how to stay hydrated, to support your circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots, and  exercises to help keep your lungs clear and support your breathing 

Consultation 3:

30 Minute Consultation. In our third and final consultation, we will complete your nutrition and lifestyle plan. Together, we will outline all the key changes that you can make and how to integrate them easily into you daily life. There are also additional tip and ideas to help support you in the longer term. nutrition and lifestyle 

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